We are thankful for you coming to this website. We know you may probably have many questions running in your minds currently. We hope to assist you with that. As such, we have collated here all possible information that can help you out to understand further our products and services here. Just in case you have more information, we’d gladly assist you with that too. All you need is to send us an email at the email address which can be found at our Contact Us page. We’ll be waiting. For the meantime, let this FAQs page be your reference in navigating through this website.

Q. Do you sell medicines online?
A. No, we don’t. For those medicines you need, you can check out our partner stores. We do not sell medicines only for quality assurance purposes and for the safety and security of the stakeholders. If you are buying them though through our partner channels, please be reminded that you need the necessary prescription especially if those are not over the counter drugs.

Q. What are the requirements to apply as an intern?
A. To apply as an intern and to any other open position in the company, all you need is to download the application form, populate it and send it back to us. Please include a cover letter as well. A customer representative will contact you if you are chosen to participate in our program.

Q. Does your subscription come with a fee?
A. You can subscribe here for FREE so that you can have unlimited access to all the information.

Q. Do I need to be a member first before I can access the website?
A. No accounts needed unless you are going to post a comment on our Testimonials page and you are going to engage with the people at our Forum’s page.